This is no ordinary girl group we’re talking about. We’re talking about AKB48, the all-female Japanese Idol group based out of the number one electronics destination in Tokyo, Akihabara. The members of AKB48 are broken down into teams of 16, more specifically into teams A, K and B.  Unlike regular girl groups, AKB48 are theater-based and perform on a daily basis. The letters AKB is an acronym for Akihabara area of Tokyo where their performance theater is located.  Not all 3 teams perform at the same time; rather the teams intermix between performances. This residence, along with their countless television appearances, has made AKB48 a household name throughout Japan.  Along with their catchy tunes, anybody who watches AKB48 live can expect a great show as each song has their own choreographed routine.  AKB48’s popularity is not just limited to Japan; they have performed in Cannes and Paris, France as part of Midem and Japan Expo.  Their 2009 performance at Webster Hall in New York was legendary amongst the US Otaku.  In July 2010, they performed at The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles as part of the Anime Expo convention as the headline artist.  Be on the lookout because their hit album Kamikyokutachi is now available here in the US.

AKB48 latest album Kamikyokutachi now available!
Breaking away from the norm, Maru Music presents the latest album from the chart-topping group AKB48!  Their full-length album Kamikyokutachi, features 16 tracks, with several tracks topping the Oricon charts in Japan.  This album also includes a special DVD, with three music videos with a multi-angle feature, which allows the viewer to study and learn all of the groups expansive dance moves and unique choreography.  This is a Maru Music first and is now available at our online store.

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