Vocals: Shou
Guitar: Hiroto
Guitar: Tora
Bass: Saga
Drums: Nao

Alice Nine formed in August 2004. Their lively performances and catchy melodies have made them one of the hottest visual-kei bands in Japan. Their songs, enthusiastic and romantic, enchant their listeners. Each member has a strong character – Shou has a unique tone of voice, Hiroto is a passionate guitarist, Tora has a cool attitude, Saga is mysterious in both a sexy and masculine way, and Nao is a powerful drummer with a sweet smile.  With their style constantly evolving, Alice Nine’s music knows no bounds as they gain fans all over the world. In 2007, Alice Nine had their first overseas performance as the final band at the J-Rock Revolution event in Los Angeles. Alice Nine also took part in the J-Rock Invasion in Germany. In 2009, Alice Nine was part of the largest Visual Kei festival in Japan, the V-Rock Festival. Alongside 50+ bands, Alice Nine’s performance at the festival was deemed legendary. With no signs of taking a break, Alice Nine is rushing into 2011 with a tour scheduled and a new album in the works for Japan,

Alice Nine Albums Now Available
Now available at our online store are two of Aline Ninc’s greatest albums.  Starting with the Complete Collection 2006-2009, this album contains 13 tracks and feature’s the best from Alice Nine.  Also available is Alice Nine’s hit album VANDALIZE.  With 11 tracks, VANDALIZE includes their hit singles Mirror Ball and Cross Game.

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