Vocals: Miku
Guitar: takuya
Drum: Teruki
Keyboard: Yu-Kii
bass: kanon

An Cafe’s name derives from Antique Cafe. Harajuku-kei is a sub-genre of the Visual-kei scene, with the distinction being the their colorful playful fashions based on the famous Harajuku shopping area of Tokyo. The band features the talents of miku (Vocals), takuya (Guitar), kanon (Bass), yu-ki (Keyboard) and teruki (Drums). Formed in 2003, one might say because of their “larger than life” lyrics and their infectious dancing energy they are able to appeal to JPOP fans and have the potential to reach those who are not too familiar with foreign music, not to mention Visual-Kei fanatics. Displaying their charming personalities, An Cafe’s live concerts are known to be a great show. Having completed two successful world tours, An Cafe continue to make their fans have a “Nyappy” good time at their shows. With one full-length album already under their belt, An Cafe just released their latest album BB Parallel World. An Cafe also hinted when their next live will be with a Summer Dive festival set for “20XX”.

An Cafe’s Latest Album BB Parallel World
An Cafe’s latest album is now available in our online store. The new album entitled BB Parallel World features 11 tracks including their latest singles NATSU KOI H NATSU GAME and My Heart Leaps for “C”. This full-length album is complimented with a second DVD containing exclusive music videos and a live performance.

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