Vocals: Aoi
Guitar: Takehito
Guitar: Yumehito
Bass: Intetsu
Drums: Kenzo

Ayabie was formed in the spring of 2004 and kicked off their debut with a free concert. Since then, they have continued to tour all over Japan, perfecting their performance, Ayabie is known not only for the catchy songs, which have a pop and hard edge, but also for the friendly personality as well. In 2006, the band introduced Yumehito as their new guitarist. The featured interview took place right after the band had returned from their very well received second European tour. You can still see their afterglow from this great experience. In June 2008 Ayabie received rave reviews on their first US tour. After going major, Ayabie released their first full-length album entitled iridori in the beginning of 2010. With a new look for 2011, Ayabie just released a new album in Japan and is already working on the next single.

Ayabie’s next album
With a new look and a new attitude, Ayabie continues to tour and create new music for their fans. Towards the end of 2010, Ayabie released their next full-length album in Japan. The album entitled “Virgin Snow Color -2nd Season-“ features 11 tracks.

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