Vocals: Riku
Guitar: Akito
Guitar: Tomo
Bass: Yuuri
Drums: Reiya

Formed in October 2007, with vocalist Riku and producer KISAKI a few months after the breakup of Phantasmagoria. KISAKI, who is also the head of the Undercode label, is the band leader. Their concept is to produce “aggressive art” as a unit. Riku’s passionate vocal and guitar playing, the group is focused to be at the top of the scene. Their first maxi-single “Jade/cold pray” released only two months after forming, sold over 5,000 copies. Chariots is now one of the most remarkable bands on the scene. Chariots have performed on tour along with acts such as Sadie and Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet-.

Chariots to release Best-of album
Following their 3-consecutive singles campaign, Chariots just released a best-of album titled “package.” Available only in Japan, this first best-of album features 14 digitally re-mastered songs.

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