Hayato (Vocals)
Shun (Guitar)
Yuya (Guitar)
Natsuki (Bass)
VAL (Drums)

DuelJewel have been in the J-Rock/Visual Kei scene for over a decade. Since their formation in 1997, Hayato (Vocals), Shun (Guitar), Natsuki (Bass), Yuya (Guitar) and VAL (Drums) have been creating a wide variety of music from hard rock tunes to emotional ballads. Each DuelJewel member contributes to the overall sound of the band, creating a unique experience to each and every one of their fans. Constantly moving forward, DuelJewel have been a part of many rock festivals in Japan including V-Rock Festival and Scuber Dive.

Exclusive DuelJewel album Now Available Digitally
Now Available Digitally is the Exclusive album from DuelJewel. The album entitled We Will Melt You”is a combination album putting together their highly demanded releases Will and Revive. We Will Melt You features 17 tracks and includes the singles Trust and Lair Game. This album will give you a taste of everything DuelJewel with a collection of their newer works along with their greatest hits

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Duel Jewel’s Album “We Will Melt You” Available Here