Vocal: Kight
Guitar: Shinobu
Guitar: Reo
Bass: Kazutake
Drum: Takumi

Guy’s Family was formed in the summer of 2006. Vocalist kight was on the verge of quitting the life of a musician after this formed band disbanded. However, after meeting the other members, he decided to make one more chance to make his dream come true. Their name was chosen based on how it sounds rather than a specific meaning. Their live footage shown on Visual-kei DVD Magazine Vol 1, is from their first solo show in Tokyo, packed with a thousand of their fanatical fans. On May 1st, 2008 Guy’s Family officially disbanded. The announcement was made at their last performance at Shibuya-O West.

Guy’s Family’s Final Album
Although Guy’s Family disbanded early in 2008, their last album “Final Party” is available. The album includes all of the band’s songs and will come with a DVD featuring the videos for no spare key, Downright Answer, and CHEAP DISH.

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