Vocals: Suzuya
Guitar: Jun
Guitar: Reina
Bass: Jin
Drums: Ruka

Himeichigo was formed in Hokkaido in 2004, The band’s name means “Princess Stawberry”. The band’s cute and incredible flashy performances make up their unique character. With dual guitars, the band also gets a lot of attention from hard rock fans. HimeIchigo calls their style “VA” or Akihabara Visual-kei and live in their own unique world. The band moved to Tokyo after breaking attendance records at their local venue. Now based in Tokyo, this band has released one full album in 2007, and touring Japan to sold out crowds in 2008. This band shows us their energetic show on Visual-kei DVD Magazine Vol 2. In 2009, the young, colorful visual band Himeichigo released a mini-album entitled Loudly Riot. In collaboration with the new release, himeichigo toured across Japan from August through September. With numerous tours and hit singles under their belt, it is only a matter of time before himeichigo comes out with their next hit album.

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