Being a solo female performer who plays the cello, Kanon stands out in the VK scene. Aside from being a talented musician, Kanon is a very skilled ink and pencil artist as well. Kanon started playing the cello at the age of three years old. In middle school, she formed and performed in a strings ensemble and a cello duo. She first took part in a classical music concert when she was 15, playing the Baroque cello, and continued to perform at various classical music recitals and joint concerts. At a young age of 19 years old, Kanon has become an icon for a generation of young girls who dream of beautiful fashion, music and style. Kanon’s story, album and fashion have become the untouchable dream of many of the Goth and Lolita devotees. Taken under the wing of Mana of Moi dix Mois. Both Kanon’s singles Still Doll and Suna no Oshiro have been theme songs for the anime “Vampire Knight.” Kanon has also received international recognition having performed in Japan, France and the US.  Kanon Wakeshima has already created two hit albums as well as making a hit theme song for the animated television series “Shiki.”  It’s only a matter of time before Kanon comes back to the US and perform for her fans.

Kanon Wakeshima’s Latest Album Now Available
The latest album from Japan’s favorite Gothic Lolita is now available from Maru Music. The album, entitled Lolitawork Libretto features 13 tracks and includes the single Tomei no Kagi. This album along with her previous album Shinshoku Dulce is available at our Online Store.

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