Vocals: Kaya

Produced by Mana of Moi dix Mois, Kaya first debuted as the singer for the band Schwarz Stein back in 2002. Today, Kaya is a solo singer with “esthetics” as the main theme of his performance. The highly talented Kaya, writes the lyrics, designs the covers, is the make up artist, and his own stage manager. The message he conveys includes, “The Beauty Revolution” and “Expression Through Sexuality”. Collaborating with dancers, drag queens and ballerinas, Kaya is able to create exquisite live performances. In addition, Kaya can sing in the style of Jazz, Chanson, and other popular hit songs. In 2008, Kaya had his first oversees performance performing at the Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles. It would not be the only appearance Kaya had in the US as Kaya had the honor of performing at Anime USA in November of 2009. In 2010, Kaya had a performance in France at the Tokyo Decadence event at La Machina du Moulin Rouge.  Kaya is currently working on new music and has released some new singles and mini-albums, expect to hear big things from Kaya real soon.

Kaya’s Latest Single
This past December, Kaya released his new single titled Madame Rosa no Shoukan in Japan. The new single is based on a 16th Century Blood Countess named Elizabeth Bathory.

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