Matenrou Opera

Vocals: Sono
Guitar: Anzi
Keyboard: Ayame
Bass: Yo
Drums: Yu

Since January of 2007, Matenrou Opera has been combining metal, emo and symphonic music to attract fans from all walks of life. Directly translating to “Skyscraper Opera”, the band gained a new guitarist and keyboard player in 2008. Alongside Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet-, they toured through five countries in Europe. Their first mini-album “GILIA” was simultaneously released in both Japan and Europe. Mantenrou Opera continues to perform at live events alongside acts such as Sugar, Aoi and Nega. They recently participated in the first ever V-Rock Festival performing alongside 50 other Visual Kei Bands including LM.C, D’espairsRay and the GazettE. Having already released their first full-length album, Matenrou Opera continues to gain fans in Japan and abroad.

Matenrou Opera’s First Major Album
Matenrou Opera released their first major album entitled Abyss. Just released this past December, Abyss will be their first album since going Major earlier last year.

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