Vocals: Yuki Vocals: MIKI
Guitar: Keiji Guitar: Aya
Bass: seek Drums: S

Mix Speaker’s Inc. likes to be considered more of a enterprise than just a simple band. This talented team of musicians consists of two members of the massively popular cosplay-kei visual band Psycho le Cemu. When Mix Speaker’s Inc. perform live, they like to perform while telling a story at the same time. Their latest shows have been incorporating their story called Monsters. To convey the story the group has in their mind, each live show they have involve elaborate stages, illustrations and visual effects. Their live performances have received nothing but rave reviews. After a successful tour of their “Monsters” series tour in 2007-08, Mix Speaker’s Inc. completed their first oversees tour in early 2009 performing in various parts of Europe. Their segment on the Visual-kei DVD Magazine Vol 2. shows us an original puppet show, featuring the stage characters of DoDo and PaPa as well as the special guest of Biju the famous Visual-kei cat. They also released their first full-length album titled “Monsters-Junk Story in My Pocket” in the US. In 2010, Mix Speaker’s Inc. continued to have live events with their inventive stories. If they’re not performing live, you can find Mix Speaker’s Inc. working on their music as they are always working on their next story.

Mix Speaker’s Inc. Monster’s-Junk story in my Pocket-
The first full-length album from Mix Speaker’s Inc. is now available in our online store. The album titled Monster’s –Junk Story in my Pocket- features 11 tracks and is complemented with a DVD featuring 2 of their music videos.

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