Miyavi has proposed the concept of “Neo Visualism” through his musical activities. While touring throughout Asia, Miyavi started to consider a worldwide approach to music and “Neo Visualism”. With a little mix of everything from Pop, Rock, Acoustic and even some Blues, Miyavi’s music can’t be placed in one single genre. After deciding to have more of a global reach, Miyavi started to have more performances overseas. In 2007, Miyavi was the featured artist at the JRock Revolution concert held in Los Angeles. Miyavi’s stage costume featured the words “The Wisdom Sutras” embroidered on his back; these are his lyrics, which shows his Japanese pride. That year also saw Miyavi as part of a “super group” called S.K.I.N. which consisted of himself, Yoshiki, Gackt and SUGIZO. The band’s only performance was at the Anime Expo in Long Beach, CA. 2009 proved to be a busy year for Miyavi as he embarked on a world tour performing in Japan, Europe and South America. Despite being injured during his 2009 world tour, Miyavi continued his world tour in 2010 returning back to the US and Canada.  With a tour and a new album already lined up for 2011, Miyavi continues to bring his concept of “Neo Visualism” to the world stage.

Miyavi’s Next Performance and Releases
Starting 2011 off with a bang Miyavi has announced tour dates in Europe and Japan from February through April.  Miyavi is also releasing a new album in Japan entitled “What’s my name.”  The album will include 15 tracks and feature his latest single, which is also called “What’s my name.”

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