Vocals: Jin
Bass: Ray
Drums: Yuu
Guitar: San

Nega is one of the newest additions to the Under Code Production label and probably the most experimental visual band in the actual scene. Their music ranges from decadent, hardcore influenced songs to atmospheric instrumentals and emotional mid-tempos with strangely melodious guitars. Since their formation in 2004, Nega has been touring extensively and released six maxi singles and four mini albums. Recently they released their first full-length album entitled “Grave of the Sacrifice.” Nega continues to tour around Japan alongside acts such as Chariots and Aoi

Nega’s Recent Live DVD
Nega recently released a live DVD entitled “Depart[ure]-code20100716-.” The DVD contains footage from their 5th year anniversary concert held in Shibuyo-O West on July 2010.

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