Ba: michiaki
Dr: Tetsu
Key: DIE

In 2003 PATA, the guitarist from the band that is said to be the father of Visual-Kei X-JAPAN, decided to create his own band, Ra:IN. An energetic hard rock band that lends itself to improvisation, Ra:IN began its career with solely instrumental songs, until 2007 when DIE, the keyboardist from “hide with Spread Beaver” joined the band. As a four-piece band, Ra:IN began to put vocals in their songs. They’ve toured the world many times and have an international fanbase.

Ra:IN set to make a new album
Though there are no announcements of a release date yet, Ra:IN is currently in production of their 4th album. In 2009 alone, Ra:IN made multiple apearances across the globe. Performing in countries throughout Europe and Asia including the “Rock For People 2009” show in the Czech Republic and at the 2009 Japan Expo in France.

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