IVocal: Byou
Guitar: Kazuki
Guitar: Manabu
Drum: Jin

SCREW formed in March 2006 by charismatic vocalist Byou expresses the concept that “Everybody has darkness inside – The poisonous chemicals of the darkness have to be screwed out of the body” Their aggressive music, mysterious and filled with Beautiful melodies, displays the dark side of the world, with all the members composing songs. In June 2007, Manabu joined the group, making them into a duel guitar band. Their aggressive music style continues to experiment and explore new ideas.

SCREW’s Recent Releases and Performances
SCREW recently participated in the first annual V-Rock Festival in Japan. Performing alongside other acts including LM.C, Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet- and Moi dix Mois. They also just released a full-length album entitled “X-Rays.” The album includes 11 tracks and is only available in Japan.

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