Ruki (Vocals) Uruha (Guitar) Aoi (Guitar) Reita (Bass) Kai (Drums)

Hands down one of the biggest bands in the scene today, the GazettE have been rocking out since their formation in 2002. the GazettE features the talents of Ruki on Vocals, Uruha and Aoi on Guitar, Reita on Bass and Kai on Drums. This five-member band is not afraid to experiment with their sound, making each and every one of their songs what they call “GazettE Rock”. One song can have samples of funk rock in it, while another song has synthesizer laced, no two songs are the same from this band. Aside from their incredible sound, their eccentric fashion sense stands out from the rest. Having Visual-kei influences, the GazettE’s look can easily be distinguished amongst their fans. With no signs of stopping, the GazettE has produced multiple chart-topping albums and singles. If they’re not in the studio, the GazettE continues to perform and headline major tours. Recently, the GazettE participated in the largest Visual-kei festival in Japan, the V-Rock Festival. Their performance at the festival was deemed legendary amongst the crowds in attendance. Be on the lookout because the GazettE has performed in Germany, France, Finland and England. It is only a matter of time before they make an appearance in the US.

the GazettE albums Now Available!
Three hit albums from the GazettE are now available at our online store. The first release is the Hit album NIL features12 tracks and includes their hit single Cassis. Also available is the GazettE’s 14-track sophomore release Stacked Rubbish. The third release is the GazettE’s latest album featuring 17 tracks, DIM.

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