Vocal: Kamijo Guitar: Hizaki Guitar: Teru Drum: Yuki
Versailles, adorned in gorgeous costumes that are influenced by their unique world view, draw fans not only with their fashion but also with their high sense of music technique and harmonized guitars. In March 2007, they uploaded their trailer on YouTube, attracting viewers from all over the world. After being featured in a German TV documentary and the Sankei Newspaper, Versailles, took the #1 spot in Yahoo!’s keyword search ranking.. The featured interview in Visual-kei DVD Magazine Vol 1, was filmed during their first photo shoot and is a change to candidly see the members behind the scenes. In January 2008, Versailles was awarded JRock Award’s Best New Artist Award. In May 2008 Versailles had sold out concerts in Dallas and Los Angeles, marking their North American debut. They would soon return in October headlining the “anime USA” convention in Washington D.C. On December 23rd, at a live performance Versailles announced that they would make a worldwide debut album from Warner Music Japan in 2009. In October 2009, Versailles participated in the first V-Rock Festival performing alongside over 50 Visual Kei bands. 2010 proved to be a busy one for Versailles as they released a new album in Japan entitled “Jubilee” and embarked on a world tour performing across South America, Japan and Europe.  Starting 2011 off with a bang, Versailles is scheduled to star in a Japanese Drama.  Aside from all their appearances across the globe, Versailles it definitely a force that can’t be stopped.

Versailles’ –Philharmonic Quintet– working on New Single
Versailles recently released their latest album Jubilee in Japan. The album features their single “Ascended Master”. Recently, Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet- is in the works set for release in Japan sometime in March.

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